Friday, March 4, 2011

Chocolate, Strawberries and Spring

Today was a great day! One of those days you wish you could have everyday. Nothing really happened, no winning the lotto or anything like that. Just a nice spring morning, spent walking up and down Main Street with my husband and our son. A birthday party in my 1st graders class, followed by a great dinner *compliments of my husbands and his grilling skills* during which, while praying, my oldest daughter stole my heart by asking God to please join us for dinner. For dessert I made chocolate dipped strawberries and a glass of wine.

*The perfect end to a great day!*

Now my husband is gone to a poker game, the kids are already in bed for the night, and its not even  9pm! 

*I would say time for a bubble bath but I am afraid that would be pushing my luck.*    

1 comment:

  1. Happy Days!
    What a lovely thought; to have God join us for dinner! I will definitely include that in my next mealtime prayer. :)
    The strawberries look delicious! Nice added touch with the white ribbing. Take care you!