Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bad dinner plans

What a busy day! It's days like this that make me wonder why I don't lose weight. One of the days where you spend half the day in the car going from one place to another and back again, and the other half of the day is spent trying to remember what you forgot to remember the first time you were there. 
*whew, I'm tired all over again* 
I did however learn a few things today.
  1. I should never be a carpenter. My sister and her fiancĂ©e *haha D, told you I would mention you* are trying to get a certificate of occupancy on their new house so they can move in. Since we haven't helped with much else my husband decided we should build the landing between the front door and the stairs for them. Way over my head. Somewhere between the building code and trying to find treated 2x4's in Home Depot, I gave up.
  2. Trying to unpack boxes and clean with an 11 mo. old is impossible :) I think my sister would of rather I just called and told her I was thinking of her. She will be finding cheerios *my sons favorite snack* stashed places for the next year.
Alright then, time to get back to what I do know. Grocery shopping and food :)
I love doing, my version of, snack night. I know a lot of people, I am guilty of it from time to time as well, who categorize snack night with fend for yourself night. * I think we all need these nights to maintain sanity* But I love a planned snack night. 
Tonights theme *drum roll* 

Garlic bread pizza, antipasto salad, stuffed mushrooms and wine. YUMMIE! *Was I wondering why I haven't lost any weight :) *
Doesn't seem like much, well when you don't sit down and eat a meal you just snack it adds up. How do you keep tabs on your calories when you don't know what all you have eaten?
Which brings me to the next thing I learned today.

     3. Snack nights are bad for weight loss :)

Oh yeah, I posted a couple of links at the bottom of my page today :) Things I am using to help meet my goals.

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