Monday, February 28, 2011

The Beginning

Finally finished setting everything up and ready to start!
Starting this blog in an attempt to inspire and motivate myself as I make certain changes in my life. 
A little history is always good, so lets start there.

About me:
I am married with 3 amazing kiddos. 
I Was born in the same small town that I am currently living in but I dream of getting out. Unfortunately this is where God wants me at the moment so I am trying to make the best of it. 
I come from a large family, most of whom live in the same town or close to it.
I want so bad to be the mom in an apron with the high heals and pearls, the one that after cleaning, cooking and baking all day still looks like she just walked out of the salon. Unfortunately by the end of the day, assuming I even made it out of my pajamas, I look more like the crazy lady you see walking down the road talking to herself. 

OK! Now that you have that nice mental picture of me! 
I have a couple of things that I am starting today aside from the blog.
I quite smoking about a month ago and since doing so I have blown up like a water logged piece of bread * Gross I know*

Goal 1: Loose 30 lbs by summer.

Next, my middle daughter is turning 7 in two weeks! Due to awesome court nonsense, I have not had her for her birthday in 3 years. I want to make her the most awesome tiered cake, due to life, I have not really baked anything in years. This could be scary. 

Goal 2: Start baking again 

Finally, when my husband and I first got together, I wore make up and nice clothes everyday.

Goal 3: NO MORE PAJAMAS!! *during the day you sickos* 

Alright, My first blog turned into a book, time to stop talking about all  of this and start doing!